At A Joseph Project CDC, we believe in sustainable affordable housing for Women 62+ living in a Home Sharing Community. Lives will be empowered and financial stability will be supported.



To eliminate seniors living alone while they are still capable of enjoying daily living on their own. Home Sharing is a  solution that offers great benefits to seniors and those seeking more affordable housing.   

A Joseph Project CDC understands the importance of having a roof over your head to call your own, feeling safe, and knowing someone is there at all times; therefore, we are passionate about supportive housing for women listed in our services. 

History and Founder


A Joseph Project CDC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to Accelerating the Support of Women who have not had the opportunity to build lasting relationships with other women, be a part of a support group with programs and services that will heighten their awareness and add to a life of longevity and sustainability. We are committed to share and eradicate despair and loneliness, instead making life fair, affordable and allowing these women an opportunity to enjoy their lives.

Mary Pate, Founder



Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions for our future . Your generous donation will help fund our mission.

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